Kickstarter Update: 36 ~ Cards are Here!

Outside the sky fades from light blue up into dark blots of clouds, I am sitting in a laundry mat wasting quarters and eating a Butterfinger candy bar. The machines swish and swirl. I want to put my hair up but the tie broke on the walk across the street for quarters and candy.

Two days ago  a box arrived on my doorstep. The next day, it was joined by twelve more. Our symbol of the house of toast is stamped upon them, fantasy munitions shipped in cardboard wedding dresses. The War. the Wedding. They are over: 300 units of the game have arrived.

To bring some people up to speed (I get mail from people asking what the fuck is going on, and I don’t blame them, I wouldn’t read every update either if I weren’t writing them. Well, I might. But I’m weird. I don’t blame other people for not being weird).

Joshua Rizzo and I each paid extra KS funds to print a new deck last year called The Prelude Deck. The idea was to reward everyone who had waited so patiently for a game that was six months late.

I also decided we should give some of you who rolled some major bones on us some hand crafted one-of-a-kind cards. We called them Paladin Level. Did you back us at any Weatherguard Tier? You’re getting one. Yay.

When that six months of patient waiting grew into a year and a half, we decided upon the unthinkable: we paid for deck two to be printed. And then 2000 fucking dollars to airship a bunch of units over. Why? Most people only got one copy of the game. Boom. We have your game. It’s in my house.

French Toast Gaming Co. is shipping out every single backer ONE Copy of the game. If you ordered more than one, that’s rad, and we thank you with the following: anyone who bought more than one copy and has to wait for their full order is getting Deck Two: The Forest for free. Right now that’s the ONLY way anyone is getting The Forest. We’re printing a bunch but there is not a concrete plan on selling it yet.

The reason we have to wait on a full shipment is deck two has not been printed yet (we’re working on the cards ((gettin’ ’em HD quality, so to speak)) and still designing the box).

(unfinished box for deck two)
(unfinished box for deck two)

AND we are also redesigning the Deck One and Prelude Box. So the next shipment of cards we receive will have the new “First Edition” box. This is a good idea, as the box we designed for Italy is way cooler, and Spell Saga deserves to have a cohesive International “look”.

I love it. Check out the prelude deck too:

Okay. So. Everyone is getting cards. But when? –HOLD ON, hold on someone is watching youtube videos in here without headphones. Who the fuck is this monster? How can I possibly convey my words in our digital court? I will find a way to persevere.

We are shipping the cards in waves. The first wave is people who did not get autographed boxes or t-shirts or anything else. Cousin Lauren will be showing up sometime soon to writer her name on things and start planning Deck Three with me. or we’ll just drink I don’t know. I’m good with whatever.

The cards are coming. They are in my fucking house. One year and a half of anxiety attacks continues with phase two: the war and the wedding are over. Now we have to settle down and passion fuck.

This guy’s rap interviews might be messing up my speech patterns.

Hail Hydra.


PS Realmwalker is still up on gamecrafter, we just used some magic spells to hide it until we rework the typos on the cards for a third digital edition. Thanks to everyone who has messaged us, played it, and reviewed the game so far. That’s a very special thing.

PPS All those handmade paladin cards we’re doing? They’ll be printed in their own special set, a brand new realmwalker adventure that changes the destiny of The last Minstrel each playthrough. Also there’s a bad guy called “no-legs.”

More soon. As always, I can be found at the far-flung ends of the following destinations:




tumblr (not fun)

tumblr (fun)

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