About the Game

All About Spell Saga

cardsnewSpell Saga is a card based tabletop novel.
In a world past its ending, play as The Last Minstrel, alone on the highlands, searching for the truth of how the world ended. Along the way, get lost in an enchanted forest, and find yourself in a dungeon crawl so overwhelmingly large it might take a whole kitchen table to get through.
This is a one player solo-style game with magical items, mysterious party members, & dangerous battles. There is no grinding for levels, as the game is built to have you grow as you explore the world & story. The major acts of Spell Saga are always the same, but how you get there–and IF you get there, is up to you.
Game play consists of 5 decks, which represent a prologue, three acts, and ending.
The player will start with several marked “starting cards” and continue the game by drawing cards and putting them in the correct “piles”. These piles of cards are organized in specific ways to represent places to visit, items of Interest, and other pieces of the hero’s story and history of the world.
The game can only progress by drawing new cards. and the main mechanic of drawing cards is only possible by visiting places. The player will work their way through each deck, pulling new cards and placing them in the correct pile.
Of course, many cards will be used to twist the rules of the game, and each deck can only be solved with a combination of these twists.
As Players encounter obstacles such as enemies and lack of source (in game money used to play cards) they’ll find themselves digging deeper into the deck, finding new pieces of the story, until the truth about the end of the world–and the minstrel’s part in it–is revealed.
The game was originally conceived in December of 2009. The first of three decks was released as PnP files in January of 2013. The following year a limited print run was funded through Kickstarter,  due largely in part by several luminaries among the game’s fan group, who now called themselves The Weatherguard, after the mythical army in the game’s lore.
The first three decks are currently available digitally, or for purchase in a limited print run. The last two decks will be available in 2017.