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All about French Toast Gaming Co.

group_shot_grandeFrench Toast Gaming Co. is an American game publisher based out of Nashville, Tennessee. The company was founded in 2013 to produce tabletop games developed internally.

…is the shortest version of events we could possibly give you.

So here’s the real scoop:

As early as 1996 Todd Michael Rogers started developing what would later become the game Epoch while in middle school.

Development halted and continued at various stages. In the fall of 2002, and now out of school with nothing to do, he met lifelong friends Sakroka & Paxson of Ashgarden at an all night diner. Several years later he brought their attention to the game and asked them to help develop it. Production continued in various degrees of success between 2006 and 2007.

In 2009 The boys pulled their best efforts together to create a version of the game that could be downloaded for free. In December the game was fated to be put on hold for another five years when Todd started developing the Spell Saga tabletop novel concept.

In 2011 a rough version of Spell Saga was completed by Todd with Sakroka onboard as official producer. Todd’s Cousin Lauren was the sole artist for the game, balancing art duties between high school homework assignments. The game was shown at the 44th Gen Con in Indianapolis, and was met with excited interest without a publisher.

In 2013 Todd and Sakroka were joined by Joshua Rizzo as a second prodcuer, and the game was readied for an eventual Kickstarter. It was during this time French Toast Gaming Co. was founded. After the Kickstarter failed to fund, the group found themselves with a worldwide community of supportive players, and it was decided to release the game as Print and Play files.

In 2014, after two years straight of development, Spell Saga funded almost double their goal during a second Kickstarter, due largely in part by several luminaries among the game’s fan group, who now called themselves The Weatherguard, after the mythical army in the game’s lore. In December of 2014 the secondof the game’s planned three decks was released digitally.

French Toast Gaming Co. has several other games being developed, including the almost 20 years old “Epic” Joshua’s tabletop novel “Growthbreaker” Todd’s second game, And Away.

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