How to Play

Where to Start?

Spell Saga is a vast story told in several interconnected decks of cards. Players are encouraged to start their journey with Deck One: The Highlands, before enjoying the more advanced obstacles of The Prelude Deck.

After The highlands the journey continues into Deck Two: The Forest, and on through Deck Three: The Caves (2017) and The Endlude (2017). These five decks are considered the main plot and backbone of the Spell Saga universe.

But who cares! Because players can also start their journey with any Spell Saga ~ realmwalker ~ product. These consist of one-deck tabletop novellas which take place before, during, and after the story of The Last Minstrel. Best of all, each Realmwalker product is available for purchase on The Game Crafter!

For those wondering what else they can accomplish, Spell Saga has many extra cards we call Collectible Content, which may be purchased from limited print runs in our online shop. These cards add a horrific amount of possibilities for Deck One: The Highlands (largely considered the core of the game), including our first SOURCEROR card, which allows players to enjoy the game with a completely different set of rules.

How to Play

Above you’ll see the PnP walkthrough video we shot in 2013. Don’t worry, there’s many other ways to learn! Well one. There’s one other way to learn…