harpWhen the World Ended. . .

All that was left was missing, or broken. . . Broken hearts & broken roads, missing loves & lost purpose. . . It was the musicians who left to search for clues. The minstrels & bards with their magical songs, riding off into the sunset to seek out a miracle. But that was long ago. . .Now there is one Last Minstrel, Searching for answers. . . Searching for hope. . .
Spell Saga is a story-driven card game for one player only. No more waiting for friends, no need for electricity. The world has ended! Travel through The Highlands and Forest as The Last Minstrel, searching for answers on a mechanical ostrich. There is no grinding allowed in our games. Players will grow by exploring the world around them. The major acts of Spell Saga are always the same, but how you get there–and if you survive–is up to you.

Cards are being manufactured as of 12/8/15 and shipping soon!

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